A Hudson Valley firefighter is credited with saving a police officer who was involved in a serious car accident.

Monday afternoon, a driver was driving in the wrong direction, on a one way street, and slammed into a South Nyack-Grand View Police patrol car, sending the police cruiser sending into a tree.

Nyack Fire Department Firefighter Robert White, who was responding to an unrelated fire call, stopped at the scene and rendered first aid to the unnamed officer. He then used the radio in the damaged police car to report the accident and request an ambulance.

The officer suffered non-life threatening injuries. He was treated at the hospital and released.

Police don’t believe the driver, an unnamed man from Nyack, was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In a Facebook Post the the South Nyack-Grand View Police Department thanked “Firefighter Robert White for his efforts, and remind all of our residents of the caring, compassionate persons who volunteer in the Nyack Fire Department. FF White is but one example of a great volunteer!”