Liz and Gerald Spivak of Harriman were searching for a new dog. The couple had lost their husky last summer so Liz searched for area shelters that had husky pups, according to the Times Herald Record. That's when they discovered Boomer.

Boomer was one of 6 husky-sheppard mixes from Bonnie’s Animal Rescue Kingdom in Paramus, N.J. Liz traveled to the shelter to meet Boomer, and the two hit it off instantly.

But aside from being a rescue from a kill shelter in the south, Boomer is going to be a Puppy Bowl star. From the Times Herald Record:

Before Liz adopted Boomer, the rescue had submitted pictures of his litter to the Discovery Channel for entry in this year’s Puppy Bowl. Only 55 puppies from shelters and rescues in the U.S. and Puerto Rico were chosen, and Boomer was one of them. Boomer plays in the Puppy Bowl for Team Ruff against Team Fluff, 3-5 p.m. this Sunday on Animal Planet. He will be shown more than in the actual “game.”