Global Force Wrestling came to the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie this weekend, and WRRV morning show host Deuce was on hand as a special guest referee.

Deuce moderated a fight between Colt Cabana and GFW founder Jeff Jarrett. He wasn’t just standing off to the sidelines, though – he was right there in the ring, getting in on the action. Deuce and Jarrett butted heads right from the start, and their fights got physical more than once.

The crowd was loving it, and chanted for more. Deuce’s fans may love him, but they sure wanted to see him get beaten up, too. Jeff Jarrett, “The King of the Mountain,” is known for breaking guitars over people’s backs. He didn’t go quite that far with Deuce, but the look in his eyes says he was pretty close.

You can watch some highlights from the match in the video above.