A Hudson Valley City reports a major drop in serious crime over the first six months of 2016. The Daily Freeman reports Kingston has seen a 16.1% decrease in serious crime to kick off the year. However violent crimes saw a 3% rise. Another index, property crime, also saw a major drop off of 18.4%.

Violent crimes are considered murder, rape and robbery while serious crimes are murder rape and robbery along with larceny and vehicle theft. Serious crimes have been trending downwards in recent years. The last time there were more than 1,000 serious crimes in Kingston for the year was 11 years ago. Kingston has yet to see a homicide this year, in fact the last time there was a murder was 2014 when there were two.

Kinston Police Chief credited the drop with increased outreach efforts, collaboration between police forces along with increased use of technology and social media. There were 256 crimes reported in Kingstone through June, while there were 305 in 2015.