Time Warner Cable customers in the Hudson Valley found themselves without TV, internet or telephone service on Monday.

Social media exploded on Monday afternoon with complaints from Hudson Valley residents about their cable and online services being out. Apparently, the problem stretches as far south as New Jersey.

Customers were irate, with many wondering why the outtage has been going on for so long and some asking if they would receive a discount for lost services.

Time Warner Cable News has been offering its customers free web streaming of their evening news.

An ominous red blob on the outage map at outage.report had some customers doubting that service would be restored by this evening.

On the serious side, 911 services, business phones and websites have all been affected by the service crash, causing substantial inconvenience and fear of not being able to reach emergency services. Cellphones are not affected by the outage, so customers should use them in case of emergency.

As of the posting of this article there was no indication from Time Warner Cable when services would be restored. Stay tuned.