The athletic director for the Hyde Park school system was arrested along with her husband, both stand accused of stealing from the district despite her $129,000 salary. The Daily Freeman reports Amy McCardle-Rausenberger and her husband Scott have been charged with larceny after an investigation into their behavior began in August.

A search warrant was executed on Tuesday, but authorities have yet to reveal what was discovered as the investigation is ongoing. But they did mention a large amount of stolen property was recovered.  The couple is suspected of stealing a variety of items including work out equipment. Both were booked and released on $10,000 bail.

McCardle-Rausenberger has worked for the district for 12 years but has been on un-paid child care leave since early August. She had been expected to return in January. The husband runs a fitness company out of the house called 'Go Fast Get Fit'. Authorities continue to investigate when the thefts are in relation to the business.