The hack is affecting older android phones.

According to News 10, if you are using older Android phone you could a victim in a data breach.

The company Check Point just announced that they have found a new malware virus called Gooligan and that the malware has already breached more than one million Google accounts and is gaining access to 13,000 devices every day.

The malware, Gooligan, spreads when you install an app from a third party app store or you open malicious links from a phishing email. Once it is on your phone it then can take your data from Google Play, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs and other Google applications.

The Check Point Company also said that the malware currently only affects android devices running Android 4 and 5, which is about 74% of all Android devices in use today.

If you have an android device and want to see if your device has been affected, you can check it out here.