Do you have what it takes to be New Paltz next top model?

Okay, it's not the Tyra Banks show but the Groovy Blueberry is searching the Hudson Valley for models for their fall clothing line. If you're not familiar with Groovy Bluberry, it's the bright blue shop on Main Street in New Paltz. They sell handmade, tie dye clothing that is all cut, sewn and dyed in the USA.

Their products range from tie dye adult shirts, dyed yoga pants and adorable baby onesies. They also have scarves, art prints and tapestries. The folks at Groovy Blueberry are looking for some groovy kids to model their fall line. They're looking for models in these categories:

Toddler: sizes 2-4 and 4-6x.
Girls sizes 6-12.

If you're picked as a model you could win $100 worth of clothing and accessories to Groovy Blueberry. Check it out: