A local paving company produced an over-the-top video that showcases their work on the parking lot at the South Hills Mall. Asphalt never seemed so spectacular.

The folks at Paving Associates either have a great sense of humor or take themselves way too seriously. A video posted to YouTube documents the company's paving job at the South Hills Mall in front of Shop Rite.

Quick cuts to scenes of workers measuring the lot, operating the asphalt spreader and wiping their brows are accompanied by an orchestral soundtrack like no other. While shots of a rake being cleaned quickly dissolves into another worker spray painting lines on the ground, applause suddenly rise from the background as the South Hills Mall is shown with caution tape flying in the breeze.

The words "Paving Associates Facing Yet Another Challenging Project" flash across the screen as a truck backs up. Just as you think the video has reached it's cheesiest, the words "Heroes Will Rise... Stars Will Fall" pop up on the screen. We're not sure who these stars are, but we sure hope they're not buried under the parent with toddler parking spot.

Here's the video in all of its ridiculous glory. Let us know what you think. Is it too much to take, or the greatest asphalt video ever produced?