Here's another reason why GARTH BROOKS is still the man after some 26 years.

He doesn't waste time whining about the new artists and what they're doing. Instead, he welcomes them, and listens to what they're saying.

Garth says, "If country music doesn't change, what fun is that? I like the fact that it's different than it was. It's fun to see the change, and it's fun to try to keep up with it."

He also has an awesome take on how the veterans view the new guys. He goes on to say, "I grew up on MERLE HAGGARD and GEORGE JONES, but I'm sure when they first heard of Garth Brooks, they went, 'Pfft, punk.'

"Everybody that comes before you is a God, everybody that comes after you is a punk, and that's kind of how it is."

Well said Garth!!!