By Charlie Cornacchio

Everyone knew it was going to be tough for Wallkill to beat the Class A number 1 ranked team in New York State, Albertus Magnus, Especially without Wallkill's leading scorer, Rachel Simon, who blew her knee out in a scrimmage earlier in the week. But what the Panthers did without her surprised Albertus Magnus and the 2000 fans in attendance.  

Wallkill led Magnus for most of the game. It wasn't until the Panthers lost another player, Brianna Marchionda, after a collision that looked like it resulted in a concussion. Marchionda hit her head on the hardwood and the entire gym heard it.  Only then did Magnus started inching back and eventually tied the game, forcing overtime. 

It was in the 4 minutes of OT that Magnus finally took control of the scoreboard and the game, winning the Class A Regional finals 56-52.