Yes its Friday and us idiots are ready to "Frolic" yet again!

Every week we try to come up with a reason to frolic and if you listen to the CJ in the morning show, our reasons are usually good reasons, we think.

This week we have are frolicking for very different reasons. My cause this week is that I WANT SNOW and I think if I give a good frolic the snow gods will hopefully come thru for me sooner than later.

Jess on the other hand is frolicking in hopes of no snow for a while. Will the gods hear us? How about you? Are you ready for some snow or do you want it to stay away?

Pick a side and join us in our Frolic Friday. If you aren't sure how to "Frolic", take a look at our video from this morning....

Yes every week my pants seem to fall down as I frolic and as Jess put it "Time for a new belt CJ". Maybe that will be my reason to frolic next week.

Have a great weekend!