It's so unfortunate, but this time of year we hear more and more of these stories. The Red Hook Police Department posted a press release this morning about a situation yesterday involving dogs locked in a hot car.

On Tuesday afternoon, a concerned citizen flagged down patrol officers by the CVS on  North Broadway in the village of Red Hook. The officers were informed of a car with four small dogs locked inside. When the officers approached the vehicle, the four dogs were left locked inside with no water with only a window cracked. The owner of the car, Brian Shea of Germantown, returned a short while after several attempts were made to remove the dogs from the car. Shea was ticketed with failing to provide proper sustenance for an animal.

According to The American Veterinary Medical Association, on an 80 degree day a car with rolled up windows can reach 109 degrees in 20 minutes. Yesterdays high was 85 degrees in the Hudson Valley.

If you're bringing your pet with you in the car and plan on exiting the vehicle, make sure you have a safe plan for your pet.