For his entire playing career and nine Years after his NFL playing days ended, Wade Davis kept a secret from his former teammates. A secret that he was gay.

Davis played four preseasons with three NFL teams, the Tennessee Titans, the Washington Redskins and the Seattle Seahawks. He also spent time playing in NFL Europe.

After coming out, he embarked on a battle harder than anything he ever encountered on the gridiron, as he fights homophobia and sexism every day.

On Wednesday, Davis came to Marist to discuss LGBT issues in sports, masculinity, and sexism. In the video below, see how this former and now openly gay NFL player discussed LGBT issues in sports, masculinity, sexism, and social justice at Marist College.

Starting in 2014, Davis became the NFL’s first Diversity and Inclusion consultant. He leads inclusion training sessions and national engagement initiatives to help develop a safe space in sports for LGBT athletes.