The fine folks at the Saugerties Police Department have had the recent pleasure of pulling over a driver on a very early Sunday morning.

This particular morning, the police wanted to speak with a driver who had been driving with a flat tire. When the Saugerties Police pulled over Tamara Wambach, age 22, they had quite the interesting conversation. It turns out that some time before the police pulled her over at 3:53AM, Ms. Wambach had managed to acquire a flat tire. "How exactly did that happen?" might have been one of the questions she was asked during that initial interview. Another question might have been "Did you have anything to drink tonight?"

Ms. Wambach was driving on the rim of her tire. When the police where interviewing her, she apparently told officers she had gotten a flat somewhere in the Town of Ulster, according to the press release dated May 16. However, this did not deter her from driving her car north on Route 9W until the police pulled her over.

The answer to the second question? No word on the exact answer from Ms. Wambach, but the police report says it was enough for her to be driving with a blood alcohol content of two times greater than the legal limit.

She was charged with driving while intoxicated and driving on an unsafe wheel. No word if the car is repairable.