There are two things I really enjoy in life. Puppies and cute firefighters/police officers.

You know I'm always looking around the Hudson Valley for 'Hot Cops." But this time around it's 'Hot Firefighters' and an adorable puppy that have my heart melting. The guys over at the City of Newburgh Fire Department have added a new little guy to their staff.

Timothy Dexter

His name is Titus and he's a 6- to 8-week old pitbull puppy. The firefighters were responding to a fire when they were told two puppies were missing. City of Newburgh Fire Department Lieutenant Timothy Dexter told us that Firefighter Chris Baum found the first pup. Baum handed the puppy to Dexter who administered CPR, but was unable to revive him.

They went back to search for the other puppy with no luck. They searched every room except the room where the fire originated thinking that the other puppy wouldn't be able to survive.

Then, Lt. Anthony Muhammad heard the whimpers of a puppy. The crew entered the room and according to Dexter "flipped over the mattress and there was Titus. He [Muhammad] picked him up and handed him to me, I rushed him outside and began treating him with oxygen and water."

Sadly, the original owners weren't looking to keep Titus.

Timothy Dexter

However, earlier in the day another firefighter, Jimmy Moore, was talking about getting another dog and the rest is history. Dexter, Moore and the rest of the City of Newburgh Fire Department are giving Titus a good home and plan on joining together to pay the medical bills as Titus is suffering right now from some pretty severe burns.

Timothy Dexter

Titus is doing well considering his burns. He's on medication and special creams to get him back on track.