It's the world's largest Trivia Pursuit game and America is the game board. It's the Fireball Run and this year they are celebrating their 10th Anniversary. They'll begin in Hartford, Connecticut and they'll be coming to Dutchess County as part of a 26 episode streaming series.

40 rally teams will compete in a legendary 2,000 mile, 8 city, 8 day life size trivia game. To win, they'll need to take the road less traveled in an epic quest for America's most obscure places and historic artifacts. This is also America's largest active recovery effort for missing children.

Each team is assigned a child missing from their home area, they are giving one thousand missing child fliers to distribute throughout the 2,000 mile journey. Over the past 10 years, these efforts have lead to the recovery of 44 missing children.

It's for bragging rights and a greater cause. Look for the race this fall. We'll let you know all the dates and info you'll need to cheer the teams on, plus help spread the information about missing children.