Summer grocery shopping isn't complete for me until I have stopped in the ice cream isle and picked out my weekly pint. I will go on record right now by saying that the brand I pick has everything to do with what's on sale but trust me the sale has nothing to do with the flavor I choose. That said I usually end up with Ben & Jerry's.

When I sat down to tell you about my secret obsession with this frozen creamy treat, filled with extra goodies that make it so much fun to eat that I even had it for breakfast, I thought it would be fun to research if any of the ice cream makers had come up with a new flavor for summer 2016.

There may be a new 2016 flavor but my "shiney thing .... squirrel" kicked in as soon as I saw a blog by Ben & Jerry's about how your zodiac sign/horoscope can influence your favorite flavor of ice cream.

You will have to decide for yourself but I'll be honest it wasn't really spot on for me. That might have to do with the fact that I really love any flavor as long as it includes caramel. Whatever you do don't try Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Caramel Fudge in a new Oreo Cone, I can't be responsible for the outcome. Hopefully you don't find your favorite among the Dearly De-Pinted.

Ben and Jerry's "Dearly De-Pinted". Yes they really do have a flavor graveyard.