Q: What do most people spend on an engagement ring?
A: We like to say, "Don't worry about what other people spend." Just like anything else, you should buy what you can afford. There is no sense in going into debt as you start your new journey! A Hannoush diamond can always be upgraded, whether it be 10 days or 10 years after your initial purchase...there is no time frame, and you always get back 100% of what you paid! For example, if you buy a 1/2 carat diamond and would like to upgrade to a 3/4 carat three years later for your wedding anniversary, you would just trade back your original, apply the credit to your new diamond and pay the difference. So easy!

Q: What metal should I go with?
A: White gold and platinum are the most common metals used due to the way the white metal compliments the diamonds. However, yellow or rose gold are beautiful options as well, depending on your personal preference.

Q: How long will the process take once I finally choose a ring?
A: The transaction process varies greatly depending on your personal situation. If you've chosen one of our gorgeous rings that are located in-store inside the cases, and if you only need it resized or a stone needs to be set, your ring can be ready the same day. We also offer complete custom designs, and in that case, the whole process can take between two and six weeks.

Q: But what if my partner doesn't like the ring I chose?
A: Choosing a ring is a special process that we believe should not be done hastily. We suggest getting style ideas directly from your partner or visiting Hannoush together and browsing our selection. This is a great way to get an idea of your partner's preferences and tastes, and will remove a lot of stress from what should be an enjoyable experience! We at Hannoush will not rush you or pressure you to make a purchase, so please feel free to ask our helpful staff for help! We also believe that each couple is unique and special; once we have created and sized a ring for you and your partner's specific style, we cannot in good faith sell it to someone else.