This time of year some people are using lip balm like crazy. Nothing worse than chapped lips.

A very popular lip balm may be having the opposite effect on people than what it was designed to do.

According to Today, EOS lip balm, otherwise known as the Evolution of Smooth is at the center of a new lawsuit. The class action suit claims that the flavor "Summer Fruit" caused blisters and a rash to break out all over the mouth of a woman named Rachel Cronin.

According to the suit, after Rachel first applied the balm to her lips they became really dry and coarse. She described it as feeling like sandpaper. After reapplying the balm several times her lips began cracking on the edges and by the next day, the skin around her lips had severe blistering and rashes.

On a personal note a few weeks my wife bought a large pack of the EOS lip balm for the kids and after about a week of using it almost everyday, they both started to show a rash underneath their bottom lips. We both thought it was from them licking their lips to much, but after having them stop using the lip balm the rash went away.

The lawsuit is seeking damages, claiming EOS deceived consumers and misrepresented the product as natural and organic.