The Dutchess County Fair is in full swing and there's lots to do and see, but if you're into rides there are a few that you should take only on an empty stomach.

When I was a kid the only reason I wanted to go to the Dutchess County Fair was the rides. There are so many cool ones and of course the more it flips you around the better.

I remember going on a ride with my Dad that was a cage that would continually flip you upside down. There were times where the ride would have you just hanging upside down while all the change fell out of your pockets. My father must have lost $2.27 on that one, but at least he went on it with me and I still remember it vividly.


I love the fact that everything gets recorded these days. There is a new ferris wheel at the fair called the Powers Pantheon Ferris Wheel. It's higher than the one in the above video. The Poughkeepsie Journal reports that some new rides have been added this year.

The fair debuted four new rides, including the Powers Pantheon Ferris Wheel, the Chop Shop Dodgem bumper car ride, the Tea Time tea cup ride and the Funny Fairy Trail Train ride.

When you're a parent, even if you don't feel like it - you have to get on a ride that you don't want to. Nobody wants to be the Mom or Dad that wasn't ready to deal with a few G-forces. Let me warn you to have an empty stomach before you get on "Khaos".  If you want to get the feel for it, check out this GoPro video.


The Dutchess County Fair runs through this weekend. The exhibits are great, the shopping is outstanding and the food is so tasty. Just remember the kid in you and get flipped around a few times. Just do it before you have the pulled pork and fried pickles.