Giuseppe DiBella's 6-month-old terrier was stolen from his house in Newburgh over 2 years ago.  He had all but given up hope when the dog was found in the most unlikeliest of places.

CBS New York reports that Nika the terrier mysteriously showed up at the front door of a home in Ocala, Florida... over 1,000 miles away. No one is sure how the dog got all the way to Florida from Newburgh after being stolen in 2012.  The dog was identified by an Ocala animal shelter through an implanted microchip.

For now, the dog is staying with DiBella's relatives in Florida, but they expect to be reunited in time for Thanksgiving.  Hopefully Nika will get along with her new sibling... "Martha" was adopted by Giuseppe's family after they lost hope for ever finding their stolen dog.