This is by far the creepiest Christmas decoration I have ever seen and it's in the Wolf studio RIGHT NOW!

Now don't get me wrong I love a good decoration for the holidays.

Maybe a nice Santa Claus, a snowman with a big hat, a big Christmas tree with lots of lights and ornaments. I could go on and on with the decorations that I love, but I have to draw the line at this thing, a scary witch looking thing that's staring at me as I type this.

This thing is just creepy looking....take a look....

It's creepy, right? Something inside of me wants to take it outside and light it on fire. Yes there is something wrong with me and just so you know, I wont set it a blaze because I'm afraid of what Beth Christy would do to me if I did.

See I'm trying to be in the holiday spirit!

Merry Christmas!