It pays to really pay attention to your bills. If something doesn't look right, there are steps you can take, including contacting the company. If that doesn't work, the New York Department of Public Service's Consumer Advocate is there for you.

That's what thousands of New Yorkers did in regards to their bills from Ambit Energy, a retail electricity provider. New York State received numerous complaints about Ambit Energy in regards to their customer disclosure statements and renewal notices. Consumers who were moved from a guaranteed-savings plan into a variable rate plan were apparently charged significantly more.

As a result of an investigation by the Department of Public Service’s Consumer Advocate, Governor Cuomo announced today that 1,566 utility consumers will receive $950,700 in energy bill refunds from Ambit Energy.

In response, Ambit has made major adjustments to customers’ bills in an effort to both resolve concerns raised by the Department and satisfy customers who were charged more after being moved out of the guaranteed-savings plan. How much the refund is depends on a few factors including whether electric and/or gas was supplied in addition to how long consumers were charged a higher rate.