A clown-related threat on Facebook against a local middle school is raising concerns in the Hudson Valley.

The threat has some saying enough is enough. Several photos of people dressed as clowns have been circulating on social media over the past two weeks. Some have been characterized as harmless while others have gained the attention of local police. This weekend a photo of a clown holding a gun was reportedly taken on a bridge in Newburgh.

Now a screenshot of a Facebook page belonging to "Kluster Thee Klown" is making a more serious threat. The page, which is no longer available on Facebook, is claiming that there will be violence at Poughkeepsie Middle School on Friday.

The post says "If you want to die come to PMS on Friday." The page features a picture of Poughkeepsie Middle School and a profile picture of a clown covered in blood.

Local police departments have dismissed recent clown related sightings and social media posts saying that there have been no credible threats. It's not clear if this recent posting will cause police to take more action against these type of pranks.

What do you think about the latest clown related threat that's been circulating around Facebook? Are you concerned that it's authentic or do you believe it's just someone pulling a misguided prank? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page or in the comments section below.