It happens all the time but this time the cameras were rolling.

Jess and I have these type of arguments all the time and its usually about something ridiculous. We argue about everything from sports to food recipes.

This time around it involves time. Yes time.

Jess' cousin is expecting her 2nd child and is set to give birth today. The delivery was scheduled for today at 8am and the doctors decided to move it up to 12:45pm this afternoon.

That's where the arguing began...

Am I wrong here? When something is moved to later in the day its moved up not back. Right or wrong? If you look at a clock and you have something scheduled for 8 am and its moved to noon, its moved up, not back, right?

Help us solve this ridiculous argument PLEASE!! Let us know in the comment section below who you think is right. CJ or Jess and Thank you!