Happy Tuesday! I hope you're all recovering nicely from your long 4th of July weekend. Since CJ is on vacation we wont be getting into "3 Things" today. But why not quickly recap my weekend and share what CJ's been up to since last week?

Friday night I went to Baja in Beacon for my friend Dave's birthday. It's a newer tequila bar and I think it's what heaven looks like. They had a "firecracker" margarita that was very patriotic and delicious. The food was absolutely amazing, if you're looking for great Mexican food and drinks I highly recommend Baja.


Saturday I helped CJ out while he was on vacation and DJ happy hour at Billy Joe's for him. It was a good time for me, especially because all of the West Point cadets who showed up. Thanks, CJ!

Sunday was a big BBQ day for me. I few of my friends who live out of state came home so I had the chance to catch up with them. We went to a pig roast which was awesome...and some how, I ended up looking like this:

As you're well aware, CJ is on vacation with his family. Yesterday, I received a video message from CJ and his daughter. I figured I would share it with you guys and also edit it a little bit:


How was your 4th of July weekend?