Every so often, I feel the need to go outside and do something mildly adventurous and possibly slightly, but not very, dangerous. Normally I stick to adventure runs and obstacle course races, but a person needs some variety sometimes.

And before I actually go and do the things I look up on the internet, I check out YouTube to see how scary/how much I can hurt myself doing said thing. And sometimes (almost all the time), I find something else to do.

That is exactly the sentiment I feel when I caught the video on our YouTube channel that was put up of climbing Bonticou Crag in New Paltz. First of all, I'm not remarkably coordinated. I can run in a straight line, hop from foot to foot and not fall down, but when I see the bouldering involved in something like this, I start to get a little sweaty. I've never been one to TRULY trust my footing on stuff like this, so I'm very glad to watch what someone else in the office has done first.

Now, to be clear, I enjoy hiking. Quite a bit actually. I'm not afraid to do SOME climbing and moving from rock to rock, but I'm not cool with it being all that. My ankles aren't the springy gems they were when I was in my 20s, and I don't feel like testing their elasticity quite so aggressively.

It's an awesome view that I'd REALLY like to see one day.

Ok. Maybe eventually. I should start stretching.