Charles Manson Dead at 83
The leader behind one of the most infamous mass murder in American history has died after living out his life in prison since 1971.
New York Will Be Invaded By a Bunch of Guy Fieris This Weekend
Fifty years ago, people imagined the 21st century as a magical place straight of their wildest science fictions fantasies where flying cars filled the skies. Instead, fast forward to the year 2017 and we have a bunch of drunken people dressed up as Guy Fieri on a pub crawl.
Should The Boy Scouts Include Girls? The Hudson Valley Weighs In
The Boy Scouts of America have recently made a decision to let girls in the group. Do you agree with this decision or should there be gender boundaries for young adults?

Should Boys in the Boy Scouts and girls should be in the Girl Scouts. It sounds pretty simple doesn't it? I guess in 2017, i…

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