Another wildfire has shut down Minnewaska State Park Preserve on Sunday, as crews work to contain the blaze.

In a call to Minnewaska State Park this morning a representative told us that the entire park was closed down due to a wildfire that began over the weekend. Reports say that the blaze has already consumed over 10 acres.

In April over 2,000 acres were consumed in a wildfire that lasted for a week. The fire was battled by 110 state emergency personnel and over 90 fire departments from the Hudson Valley including Ulster, Greene, Sullivan, Dutchess, Delaware and Orange Counties.

Extremely dry conditions in Ulster County are most likely not helping the efforts of firefighters. The only rain currently in the forecast is a chance of scattered thundershowers on Tuesday.

It is not known if this weekend's fire has the potential to turn into another monster like the wildfire in April. We will keep you posted as more information is made available.