We've all seen the movie or TV Show when someone gets cursed. Typically this involves changing into an animal, growing fangs, losing one's ability to speak, etc.

Apparently, the writers of the latest Scooby Doo movie felt that when Daphne comes face to face with the bad guy her curse would be going from a size 2 to, gasp, a size 8. The way she's drawn however makes her look like much more than a size 8, making the situation worse in many people's eyes.

An 8 is smaller than I am; they drew her 2x bigger. So many things wrong here: http://t.co/S19U0wvQ7X via @HuffPostWomen#ScoobyDoo#Daphne

Yahoo health pointed to a recent study that stated children start dieting as young as 10, so it’s especially important that what’s being displayed to children in the media elicits healthy messages about body image.

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