One of our favorite things to do every week!

Lot's of stuff goes on when Jess and I are on the air during the CJ in the morning show but you have to see some off the stuff that happens when we are just sitting in the studio.

What better way to show the to roll video.

In this exciting episode of behind the mic's we continue to talk about animals we hate, a little on the Republican National Convention and the highlights of my day, we reminiscence about Jess and her quality dancing at last years Zac Brown Band show at Bethel Woods.

Take a look...

I still laugh every time I picture Jess at the show last year. If you are heading out to see Zac Brown tomorrow night at Bethel Woods make sure you keep an eye out for Jess. She will be wearing an outfit that you won't be able to miss, as she put it "Salute Your Shorts."

Take lots of pictures and, if you can, post them below!