Some of you will spend Valentine's Day going to see 50 Shades of Gray. May I suggest that the video for Billy Currington's "Must Be Doing Something Right" will make a great appetizer. Yes, I am proud to present another installment from the Paty Quyn files of "We saw them at the Chance and now they are at the 3rd Annual Taste of Country Music Festival".

So it was August of 2009 (I had to google the date because I am bad at remembering dates) We were all a bit younger, I was a bit blonder. The evening was so perfect that Billy actually got off his bus to do the meet n greet in bare feet. Yes we all noticed because who walks around in a parking lot in Poughkeepsie in bare feet, Billy Currington. He has a very down to earth quality that can pull of that type of fashion statement without anyone thinking "People Are Crazy"

He was gracious and funny and there must have been 500 hundred women lined up to take a picture with him. He laughed and joked and took time out for every one of us. I am so looking forward to him on stage at The Taste of Country Music Festival on June 12, 13 and 14 at Hunter Mountain. Did you get your ticket yet?