So if July is the month of the Lobster Roll I think August can be the month of the Crab Cake. Every time I go to a new restaurant if they have a crab cake on the menu I try it. I use it as a way to judge whether I will enjoy other items on the menu.

I have been known to buy crab cakes fresh from Adam's Fairacre Farms and frozen from Stop n Shop. I have even tried my own recipes at home. The secret to a enjoying a crab cake is knowing if you want real crab or the stuff they pass off as crab. The other important factor is if you want it "crabby" or cakey".

For me it depends on the "Food Mood" I am in and what type of restaurant I am visiting. If I am in the mood for a "cakey" crab cake then I expect it to be more bread than crab and the sauce it is served with must add a favor to the bread stuffing they have chosen for the filling. I also expect this crab cake to be a bit more fried.

If I am at a seafood restaurant I want the crab cake to be full of lump crab meat, light in flavor so I can taste the fresh crab and the sauce should be light as well.

A few years back I had the opportunity to visit Emeril's Restaurant at Universal in Orlando. I wasn't sure what to expect from my crab cake there except that it would be wonderful because it was his recipe. I was not disappointed and I have to say it was my favorite crab cake to date.

Bon Appetite