This post is a little late this month but you still have lots of time to get to your local farm market or weekly farmer's market for August's fruits and veggies.

August in New York means hot and humid temperatures, but it also means there is an abundance of delicious local produce waiting for your next meal. Apples are arriving, plus basil and beets are at there best. Blueberries may be on the way out but cantaloupe has just arrived. Cauliflower is also available fresh and makes a great side at your end of summer BBQ.

If you are a currant lover this is the only month they are on the calendar. And Pears make their debut in August too.

Click Here to see the complete list from About Food. Eating fruits and veggies in season is not only good for you, but it is also good for our local farmers. And here is a helpful tip to remember what fruit and veggies are in season each month, make a quick note on your digital calendar so it shows up each month as an appointment for yummy fresh food.