Call it puppy love or maybe puppy cure. Anthony Lyons is suffering from cancer but he has puppy pictures to keep him smiling. It was all over the news last night and today that a brave boy fighting leukemia has found happiness and feels better when he gets to enjoy "dog" therapy. A lot of hospitals do this, they bring trained dogs and other animals to the bedsides of patience so they can interact. It is a proven fact that petting an animal can have positive effects on people who are battling illness and humans in general. The dogs made this boy feel so much happier that he and his mom took it one step further.

Kristen Lyons and her son Anthony set up a Face Book page "Photo Doggies for Anthony" in hope that people would share cute pictures of their dogs. In a sure case of "build it and they will come", it has worked overwhelmingly. Anthony enjoys logging on to see all the great pictures, he says dogs just make him smile. After the news coverage he is sure to receive more.

So while you are busy sharing photos of your pouches over the next few weeks consider adding it to Anthony's page and adding to his joy. Unfortunately, due to all the coverage the page is currently down but face book is working on it.

If you missed the story on the news his is the coverage from CBS