I always find it interesting to take a look back at old video or photos of places within the Hudson Valley.  I stumbled across this video that was put together by Vassar College.  It show Downtown Arlington in the 1940's and what it looked like today.  The video was shot in 2010, so even the today is seven years old.

Surprisingly, there are no shots of Vassar College in this collection.  Back in the 1940's and right into the 1990's, there were a ton of business located on College Avenue, right next to Vassar.  Many of those businesses took the name of college.  For example, you had College Pharmacy, in the 1940's it was College Drug. In this video you see College Dry Cleaning.

How many things do you see even in the now portion that's aren't there any longer.  The Dutch Cabin stuck out.  Now it's a barbecue place.  Places like Burger Fi didn't exist even seven years ago.