Are you up for a spooky road trip of sorts? Those of you who live in Orange County may have traveled one of the the most haunted roads in the world. It is likely that many of us have traveled up or down Clinton Road in West Milford, New Jersey. While I was looking up a good ghost story to share with you for the month of October I came across a top 5 list of the creepiest most haunted roads in the world and it turns out that number 2 is right here in the lower Hudson Valley.

Just to our south in West Milford, New Jersey there is a road known for it haunting figures found on the road sides wait for unsuspecting motorist to drive by and offer them a ride. Clinton Road begins around Route 23 and travels about 10 miles up to Greenwood Lake. According to Wikipedia it is a road notorious for paranormal activity and other under-world behavior.

There are tales of a ghost boy, ghost truck, strange creature sightings and of course we can't leave out the mystery of the Druid Temple. All of these things helping to feed the lore of this back country road in nearby New Jersey.