During a domestic dispute, a woman struck a man in the face with a coffee mug, causing it to shatter. 

I feel like this is becoming a daily phrase, but "Only in Saugerties!"

The Saugerties Police Department were investigating a reported domestic dispute case, which resulted in the arrest of Tamara DiMattio, 70, of Saugerties.

The victim in the case alleges that DiMattio did engage him in a violent domestic dispute, assaulting the victim.

DiMattio struck the victim in the face with a coffee mug, causing the mug to shatter. The victim sustained lacerations to his neck and ear from the shards of glass.

DiMattio was charged with Assault in the third-degree, and arraigned in the Town of Saugerties Court.

She was released on her own recognizance upon the issuance of a No Harass Order of Protection by the court, on behalf of the victim.

DiMattio is due back in court this week.