Father's Day is right around the corner, this year make sure you get Dad something good and save money doing it.

There are going to be a ton of things on sale and according to PR Newswire, these are the top 5 things you will be able to save on this year.

1. Tools. Especially power tools, cordless tool kits, things to store tools in, and tool kits for your car. Some stores cut their prices on that stuff by 50% for Father's Day.

2. Home improvement stuff. Stores like Home Depot and Sears usually have their best prices of the year on stuff like paint, light fixtures, and other building materials.

3. Men's clothing, especially summer clothes. So things like shorts, bathing suits, and sandals.

4. Gadgets. They always go on sale this month, because they're like the go-to Father's Day present. And the best deals this year are on headphones and speakers for some reason.

5. Big-screen TVs. The prices aren't as good as they'll be on Black Friday, but there's more to choose from.

No matter what you choose to get dear old Dad, just put a little thought into it and I promise Dad will love it.

Father Day is Sunday June 19th.