Army Football Season is underway and the games at West Point should be avoided at all cost for the following 5 reasons.

(1) Autumn in the Hudson Valley is a showcase for spectacular foliage and the historic West Point campus and Michie Stadium only enhance it's beauty. If you are afraid of that feeling of "this is what fall should look like", then do not go to one of the most beautiful places to see a college football game.


(2) Tailgate parties before and after an Army game at West Point are legendary, but if you are not a fan of steaks grilling on an open fire, great drinks and even fine linens and gourmet food in the parking lot, then think twice about going to West Point. The party can go on for hours and that might be more fun than most people can stand.


(3) If you don't like spectacular views of the Hudson River, then you shouldn't go to a West Point Game. The Academy sits right above the Hudson and while the weather is still warm, you could go to the rooftop bar Zulu Time at the Hotel Thayer on the campus grounds. The place is really cool and that may not be your thing.

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(4) If you don't want to see precision skydiving, then stay away from a game at West Point. They do this crazy thing where a bunch of cadets dive into the stadium with the football before the game. It can be very distracting when you are trying to check Snap Chat.


(5) Finally one of the biggest reasons to not attend a game at West Point is the Corp of Cadets. If you don't like being around some of the brightest, bravest and most enthusiastic Americans in the country, you don't want to go to an Army Football game. They all show up to route on the team!


So I think I have made my case. Oh yeah - GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY!  You hear that all the time at West Point, so maybe that's another thing you don't want to deal with?