Unsafe amounts of lead were found at 42 different water locations throughout a Hudson Valley school district.

In Sept. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo passed regulations that required all school water sources be tested for of lead.

In compliance, the Saugerties School District tested the water at the Junior/Senior High School and four elementary schools.

550 samples were taken. 42 exceeded the 15 micrograms per liter (mcg/L) or parts per billion (ppb), schools officials say.

At the Junior/Senior High School the failed tested locations were:

  • 21 sinks in science rooms
  • 3 faucets from a technology room
  • 4 kitchen faucets in home and career rooms
  • 4 faucets in restrooms and two steamer spray lines in the kitchen.

At the elementary schools:

  • Cahill Elementary School: a basement science lab sink faucet
  • Mt. Marion Elementary School: room 10 sink faucet
  • Grant D. Morse Elementary School: room 8 sink faucet, room 2 sink faucet, room 16 sink faucet
  • Riccardi Elementary School: the kitchen 2-bay sink right faucet, room 208 sink faucet, 2nd floor women’s bathroom sink faucet

All of the 42 locations are being taken out of service and replaced, unless they are used for washing hands or cleaning. Signs will be posted to not drink the water at locations used for washing hands or cleaning.

In a posting on the school district’s website, officials declared that all of the school’s still have an adequate supply of drinking water. Adding, all of the other stations tested were deemed safe.