I am not a real scientific person but science does fascinate me. I am always amazed at what they can invent and how it can improve a persons life. Today I saw the sweetest story on NBC Nightly News and I just had to share it with all of you. But first what is 3-D printing?

In short 3-D printing is one of the great wonders of modern day science. You may not be aware that SUNY New Paltz has a 3-printer and a 3-D program in full swing. 3-D printing is a printing method that can create objects that are 3 dimensional that can perform various functions. They are using 3-D printing in everything from art to aerospace to automobiles to medicine. The possibilities are endless as the science develops further.

The amazing story I saw tonight on NBC is re-told below, is about a little boy who was surprised by Robert Downey, Jr. AKA Iron Man when he received his new prosthetic arm that was made by 3-D scientist to resemble Iron Man's arm. His mother told NBC news that her son was instantly different after receiving the arm. I can only image. He must feel like a real super hero.