Yes the holidays are officially here!

The 2016 Hess Toy truck is here and this year its one part truck and one part dragster and looks really cool.

According to, the Hess Toy Truck and Dragster is a powerful, race ready duo with sleek styling, drag-racing inspired sounds, over 50 brilliant lights and an innovative design for wheelie-popping action!

A lot of us have been given a Hess truck over the holidays as part of a family tradition and we used to be able to buy them every year at our local Hess gas stations.

Now that all of the Hess station have been changed over to Speedways across the Hudson Valley, the only way to get one as of now is to order it online.

This year the Hess Truck will cost you $31.99 plus tax and will include a total of 5 Energizer batteries 3 for the truck and 2 for the dragster, and free standard shipping anywhere in the United States.

The 1980 Hess Truck is still by far my favorite one of all time....