With Halloween fast approaching everyone is in a haunting kind of mood which got me thinking about Haunted places in the United States. Just about every town has a ghost story and just about every town has a haunted building or two that go with the chilling tale.

I got thinking about where the most haunted places in the US might be and if there was a top ten list. One search on You Tube produced the creepy list below. Thanks to the group TopTenz I found a list that was actually published earlier this year. It goes with out saving that you might be familiar with one or two on the list. After all we are the Hudson Valley the home of Sleepy Hollow and the Headless Horseman, however neither the town or the character made this list. This list is all castles and so cool.

Enjoy checking out the video and see how many places you may have visited. And when your finished don't forget to get your tickets to Hudson Valley Boo Ball. The Hudson Valley's biggest Halloween party happening this Saturday night at the Mid Hudson Civic Center.

Happy Halloween